Experienced . Dedicated . Effective

Over the last 20 years, the partners at Shenandoah Advisors have successfully introduced and managed on an international scale more than one billion dollars in luxury real estate. As a team, we are dedicated to providing our developer clients the necessary customized consulting and sales management services to ensure long term project success thereby providing our clients the assurance to concentrate on the essential competencies of a developer.

“We sincerely believe in only taking on those projects where we know we will be an asset which immediately allows us to establish a mutual respect and trust with our clients.”
–Jeff Raymond, Principal

We approach each project with the realization that every property is unique and requires an individual methodology reflective of the distinctive character of the location, the target audience, and the projected timeline. Appropriately, our services range from consulting in the initial stages of project planning to full service management and implementation of a comprehensive sales and marketing program during the subsequent stages.

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